About Us

Who are BritsNZ Ltd?

BritsNZ Ltd is really broken into 3 segments:

  1. The Visa Company known as Immigration @ BritsNZ.
  2. The Financial and Relocation Company which is the overriding umbrella that is BritsNZ Ltd
  3. Us, the Cole Family

BritsNZ Ltd:

BritsNZ Ltd was set up some 10 years ago in response to an ever increasing demand on our time to help people achieve what we achieved by emigrating to NZ from the UK.

The company is now formatted that it is one, of very few, one-stop-shop businesses helping people to emigrate to NZ, principally from the UK!

What do we mean by “one-stop-shop”? Well we have both the specialisations within house to help with Visas, job searching, financial matters and how best to leave the UK and then get settled in NZ…..what we cannot actually do ourselves [for example, opening a bank account] we refer you to trusted partners who can make these things happen.

What do we mean by trusted partners?  We mean that we have either used them ourselves and/or at least 5 clients have used them and all have given positive feedback about those companies.  We then take it a step further by ensuring we know the people at the top of these companies and having a relationship with them that means if we go to them they know we are serious and they will make things happen for you – our view very much is that it is OUR reputation on the line when we recommend someone to you and we are always prepared to help sort out any issues you might have with someone we have recommended – we are here for YOU!

Immigration @ BritsNZ

In 2013 Alexandra became a fully Licensed Immigration Adviser – this is a very testing qualification to get AND a very challenging process to gain registration and it is so for YOUR protection.

Alexandra is now able to advise across all manner of visas, can provide advice if you should be deemed “illegal” in NZ and give guidance on appealing decisions.  Alexandra’s key focus will be on Residency, Work to Residency, Work and Family visas and where she feels it is in your best interest will refer you on for specialist advice!

Alexandra is licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority and follows a Code of Conduct designed, again, to provide protection and confidence to you.

Alexandra operates her visa business under the BritsNZ Ltd banner as Immigration @ BritsNZ.

BritsNZ Ltd

The balance of business done under BritsNZ Ltd is handled by Mike and covers all other aspects of making the emigration move.

Mike is an Authorised Financial Adviser and as such is regulated by the Financial Markets Authority and is appropriately qualified.  He was similarly qualified within the UK and altogether has over 30 years of financial services experience, with a specialisation in the pensions’ area.

Your Financial Migration is of critical importance, right up there with visa and getting a job as it will very much dictate your lifestyle in NZ [and that is the primary reason people emigrate – to create a better lifestyle] and so maximising what you have whilst taking all available tax breaks is critical – it does make a significant difference!

In addition to specialising in UK pensions and being able to advise on both tax and other financial matters, Mike also helps with Kiwi-style CV creation, creating a suitable covering letter/e-mail and help with job search [NOTE:  BritsNZ is NOT a recruiter – never have been and don’t intend to be] by opening doors with their links/contacts both locally and nationally.

BritsNZ is also able to help with your physical move [what to bring with you etc.] and your re-settlement in NZ [by, for example, opening supports networks in the area you will settle in NZ] so that you can have the best start and the best opportunity to not only realise the dream but to live it too!

Us, the Cole Family:

We set up BritsNZ Ltd after a very tough first year in NZ [on a needs must basis] in an effort to help other migrants find their way to NZ without having to re-invent the wheel.

Our 3 children were aged 13, 8 and 3 when we moved to NZ [and are now 23, 18 & 13] so we have a good knowledge of the NZ education system right across all the differing schooling levels and so can give valuable insights into how the education system differs between the UK and NZ countries.

We very much have an attitude [having been there ourselves] that there are no mad, bad or sad questions and it is much better to ask than not to do so……..as the saying goes “knowledge is power”!

When emigrating we agreed that we would create a video diary of our move for a UK emigration focussed publishing company.  What we did not know was that we [and the other 4 families] were being “judged” by a panel of experts as to who was most likely to succeed. To our huge surprise not only did the judges single us out but so did the public who bought the DVD of all our moves so, as the saying goes, “we are the champions my friend”!

We love our lives in NZ and whilst there have been many, many challenges during the past 10 years we would not give any of it up.  We certainly would not live back in the UK and whilst it is, and always will be, a very special place we believe, with total passion, that NZ is better, for us and our kids!

We are now citizens which means by having both a UK and a Kiwi passport we have opened more doors for those kids and we very much wanted to add those additional roots being citizens has given us!

"Its a tough life but somebody has to do it"