Banking NZ

We have close connections with Westpac Bank in NZ and recommend you open your accounts with them.

NOTE:  If you open an account with Westpac and have any issues, causes or concerns then please let us know and we can talk directly to the Head of Migrant banking so can open doors that you would struggle with!

We recommend that you open an NZ bank account before leaving the UK.  Follow this link: - let us know when you have opened your account and we will let Westpac know so that we can ensure they know to look for your application and react accordingly!

The reason is that whilst in the UK you have to hand all the paperwork you will need to complete the application form and more importantly to enable you to meet the Money Laundering requirements.

Again, by doing this you will simplify your early days in NZ as all you will be required to do is show your passport as ID and the account will be activated.  If you let us know when you are due into NZ and where you will be going we will liaise with Westpac to highlight the branch and person you should see to open that account – again  personal service at an important time!

It also means that any funds traded by your currency specialist will be in your NZ account awaiting your arrival, currently earning potentially double interest rates what it is earning in the UK.