Currency Exchange

This is a critical transaction with a number of different options. The earlier you start speaking to us and specialists and understand those options the more knowledge you will build and hence the better the strategy which will potentially maximise the rates available.

We will speak with you at length about currency and look at strategies which will suit your circumstances but ultimately you must speak with the specialists who will actually move your money!

We recommend you speak with the following specialists……once in NZ we will recommend a local specialist to you!

Currency Exchange Broker: Highly Recommended

SAT Worldwide has grown quickly since their inception in 2006, assisting many migrants transfer their funds to New Zealand. The growth is based upon an unerring commitment to client service; every customer has the direct dial number of their account manager who will provide a tailored service to meet each customer’s requirements.

As a preferred supplier, you will receive a preferential rate of exchange and there are no costs, no charges and no commission, saving you more money during your move.

In brief, SAT Worldwide offer’s…

•    Unbeatable rates of exchange

•    A first-class, personal service

•    A full range of currency services that can be tailored to you

•    Peace of mind through FSA and HMRC regulation and segregated client accounts with Natwest bank

There is no cost to opening an account and no obligation to trade with SAT Worldwide but all clients are required to register with us. The simplest way to register is to complete our online registration form by clicking here.

Overall SAT Worldwide’s goal is to enable you to start your new life in New Zealand with as many NZ Dollars as possible by providing you with a service that is proactive, personal and simple.

Emigrating - Foreign Exchange and Currency Rates


Halo Financial is a leading specialist provider of commercial foreign exchange services.

Their dedicated migration team help people who are migrating to and from New Zealand achieve the best available exchange rates, manage their currency risks and ensure they can take as much of their hard earned money with them.

They're a friendly and patient bunch; perfectly suited for clients who are worried about, and have little experience of, foreign exchange. So whether you need to make an immediate currency transaction, fix an exchange rate for up to 2 years forward or make regular currency transfers to or from the United Kingdom - such as pension, mortgage, salary or rental income - Halo Financial can help.

They deliver:

Market leading exchange rates (up to 4% better than the banks)
0% commission charges
Protection against exchange rate volatility (fixed up to 2 years forward)
A prompt, proactive service at all times delivered by your personal currency dealer
The information you need, when you need it
Extended opening hours of 8.30am - 8pm Mon - Thurs, Fri 08.30am - 5.30pm
Transparency and accountability
Security and satisfaction

They will:

Save you money
Simplify the buying/selling of foreign currency
Swiftly transfer your international payments

Halo can be contacted by e-mail on or free phone number 0845 4507 407

In simple terms here are the main ways in which currency can be traded:

Spot rate - buy now; pay now
Forward Contract - buy now; pay a 10% deposit with the balancing 90% payable at an agreed future date [up to 2 years hence!]

Market Order - effectively putting a marker on the system to buy £X if the rate reaches a certain point.


When recommending Currency Specialists BritsNZ Ltd's main aim is to keep as much of your money in your pocket.

At World First they are purposely set up to assist migrants with their money transfers.
In using World First there is 0% commission, no transfer fees for amounts over NZD $25,000
World First will provide you with the following benefits:


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CURRENCY ONLINE - The foreign currency specialists

Why use a specialist rather than a bank for your money transfers?

Setting up home in another country is a bold and exciting move. Currency exchange may not be the first thing on your mind, but it is certainly one of the most important. Brits NZ Ltd have proudly partnered with Currency Online to bring you a secure and trusted money transfer service for your foreign exchange. Without the overheads of a bank, Currency Online can offer exceptional rates, therefore ensuring you get more NZ$ at the other end, and you can do everything online at your convenience.

Currency Online clients receive;

• Better rates than your bank can offer, no commission

• Zero fees on amounts over £3,000 or NZ$10,000

• Easy to use 24 hour online money transfer service

• 24 hour toll free help desk

• Fast, secure payments to accounts worldwide

• Market Orders to secure a better rate

• Lock in today’s rate for future payment

• FREE to open an account, no obligation to trade

Click here to contact Currency Online

Click here to register for your FREE Customer Account

Let Currency Online assist in making your money transfers safe, secure, efficient and cost effective.


For more information relating to this CRITICAL aspect of your migration, for an explanation of the ways to trade currency and for an outline of the minimum funds to bring with you contact us here.


All of the above companies offer you a daily update on the rate and market conditions and we recommend you make sure to have that facility set up for you!