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“Last one out, turn off the lights! – A Migrant’s Tale” By Mike & Alexandra Cole

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This book is about our family’s move from the UK to New Zealand but has been written in such a way as to be relevant to any would-be migrant, no matter which country they are looking to make their new home!

It tells the story of how we decided that the UK was no longer for us and takes you through our trials and tribulations in trying to get that all important Visa, to the moment the Visas actually arrived!

It then takes you through all aspects of our packing up and leaving the UK and the multitude of challenges we faced doing that.


Next we show you the first year in our new country through the letters we wrote home – we have both taken the opportunity to add some reflective comments based on how we feel now!

We then talk about what we now do, how that came about and what we do with regard to the Emigrate shows and promoting our business.

Included too are a number of articles Mike has written across a number of different aspects of life, some funny, some sad and some serious business comments.

Finally, and we believe uniquely, we went back to our family and friends and asked them what it was like for them when we went through the process and actually left – it is our hope this will help you understand the reactions from those you love as you leave!

The purpose of the book is to inspire you to reach for your dreams just as we did – it has a multitude of tips and comments relevant to any migrant and importantly shows that with courage, focus and determination you too can be a migrant.

We did something extraordinary (as you will) and if we can, you can too, so grab the passion and run with it – it is an exhilarating time and one which will change your own and your children’s lives forever!!


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What our readers say.


Your book arrived at 10am this morning and as my work was quiet... I have just finished it (9.30pm tonight). Congratulations on a book I just couldn't put down (well in-between jobs), very inspirational and filled with some great hints and tips.
I do agree with your views on New Plymouth (several of the reasons I left 10 years ago - small community, everybody knows everybody and your life is gossip at times!)
Saying that it is a great place for families and I hope mine will grow old there.

Graeme Staddon

Dear Mike & Alex
I sent you a text on Thursday to say I had started reading the book on the train and that I was really enjoying it.
I think it is written in a similar way to the recent book by Dawn French ‘Dear Fatty’ which made the top seller list!!!
I am over half way through and feel I know you all really well now.
Susan J Corke
PSS International Removals

I haven't finished the book yet but I am about half way through it. I have though managed to steal it from Shaun!
So far, I have found the book addictive.
A lot of things we can identify with, and we have learnt a lot of things about you all! You just assume when you meet someone like yourselves that you have sailed through the visa process, and it has all fallen into place for you, very ignorant of us I know. It is great to read that you have come up against hurdles, like we all do, because this process is so long and stressful, you start to think the odds are stacked against you and only you!
I love the image of you all running on to the plane late and wet through, that sounds like something that would happen to us!
It's also good to read about "family" issues, as this is something we have experienced. Like when your mum tells you she won't be flying long haul again, it's good to know you are not alone.
The book is written exactly as you are, and it is a great insight into your lives before you became BritsNZ, as this is all people like us know you for.
Clare & Shaun

I personally have not started reading the book yet but my husband cannot put it down, he says it is the best book he has read out of all the books that we have purchased on emigration, very informative.
I really liked your personal message in the front of the book, very inspiring and a nice personal touch.
Karen Hughes

It’s one book that Ian and I have taken turns reading, a bit of competition going on as to who gets hold of it next!!!!!
It was like reliving the experience.
I know when we were looking at migrating I could find all the “cold facts” but what I wanted was the experience………………this book goes though this very well.
Good on you guys for opening up
I needed to know that other ‘mums’ had managed to settle even if the kids did ‘play up’.
That my instincts where right.
If they settle we settle and in fact the kids do settle a lot quicker than adults.
It was reassuring to see that it’s not ‘all roses’ and that there are problems which can be solved…
That there were others that have gone before and survived!
The practical hints are brilliant and make it more understandable - e.g. children, mobiles and airports do not mix!!!!
Alison Helliwell, now in Wellington……and loving it!

P.S. We got back to the Highlands at 8pm on Sunday and by 8pm last night I had read your book – which is the first book I have read cover to cover in about 6 years!!
The book made me quite emotional a few times! Tanya is now reading it.
Stuart McDonald

Hi Mike,
Just a quick note to congratulate you on the book. It's a terrific read.
I was showing it to my sister-and-law at the weekend and she was really into it, even though she's never even thought about emigration herself.
Thanks also for the mentions - especially the tribute piece, which Caroline and I found really touching.
We loved the heartfelt dedication from Alex too -- had us both sobbing!
Colin Marchant
Programme Director
Emigrate TV

Hi Mike + Alex
Firstly must say that your book proved a good read, lots valuable info.
We look forward to its sequel!
Michelle and Eric Dean
Norfolk but NZ bound!



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