Job Search Assistance

Once you have completed the first, crucial step of identifying what visa you are able to obtain [by using Immigration @ BritsNZ] and what you need to do to gain that Visa then you can then start sorting the next crucial step of finding yourself a job.

To help your Migration even further, BritsNZ Ltd offers Job Search assistance to our existing clients who have opted for our Financial Migration, Physical Migration, or Visa Service. We even do this at NO COST to you!

We will help with a list of job search websites.

We believe you should not have to pay a recruiter to find you a job.  There are however, a few good job search trainers who will charge for their services but this may give you a greater understanding of what is needed to secure a job here in NZ.

Most people now need to have a job offer before they are able to apply for their visa and so this is a critical aspect of your move.

Our Job Search Assistance Covers:

NOTE: BritsNZ Ltd are not recruitment agents – we provide you with the tools and assistance to help you.

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