Most migrants will need to find work either to create the life-style they wish to have or simply to get into NZ.

You need to face the fact head on that job hunting is extremely difficult [but not impossible] from the UK. The main exceptions are where you have a skill on the skill shortage lists – and even then it’s no cake walk!

Right now most people will need to come to NZ for face-to-face interviews and whilst that will change within certain skill sets as we move to the re-build phase of Christchurch and expansion of Auckland.  There is an increasing shortage of skilled people but NOT in all trades and so I do not see us returning to a position where jobs are offered without interview in person.

Also, whilst there will be some people able to go through the visa process without needing a job offer [the “gold” standard] this is still quite rare and gain I do not currently see that position changing very much!

Also,  stated elsewhere on this website the key to emigrating is to know what visa you can apply for and what you need to do to be able to apply.  Do NOT assume that a job offer will automatically mean you will get a visa – that simply is NOT the case!

However, simply because your skill and experience is not on that shortage list will not mean that you cannot find work in NZ and get the Visa you need to make your move – it may simply be a more drawn out process or may become a series of steps.

For existing customers we can put you in touch with any relevant Recruitment Specialists we may know, we can forward your CV to any relevant contacts we have in the industry you specialise in and we can provide you with some clear guidelines (Dos and Don’ts) to save you time and stress in your job search.

We are committed to continually searching out a range of specialists across a wide range of occupations to provide opportunity for as many of you as possible.

If you opt to come to NZ to job search contact us and let us help you with ideas of where to go and who to speak with on your travels.