A KiwiSaver pension scheme is a form of personal pension plan which employers must offer to all new employees, albeit there is no compulsion to join.

If you join [and you should do so; you will be getting “free” money from both your employer and the Government] then you can pay in at the following rates:

We know that the first year in NZ can be expensive but would recommend that you start saving into Kiwisaver immediately you start working so that you can take advantage of your Employer and Government contributions.  Once you are settled in NZ you can then assess whether you wish to increase your contribution level.

NOTE: KiwiSaver can be accessed at various times other than retirement but do bear in mind the [almost] sole focus of this type of retirement savings plan is FOR retirement and hence you should be aiming to save until you can access the funds, which is NZ State Retirement Age – this is currently age 65 for both men and women.

There are three ways in which you can access a KiwiSaver plan:

You ALWAYS have a right to choose your own provider and BritsNZ Ltd recommends that you use the Booster KiwiSaver Scheme.  We use this scheme ourselves; it is a Kiwi company; it has Kiwisaver friendly fees; it has a range of investment risk funds into which you can invest [either across a range or into just one fund].

There is no guarantee that the Booster fund will outperform any/all other KiwiSaver schemes but they have a complete focus on the KiwiSaver market and this is their core business and you can see more details about this KiwiSaver plan by clicking HERE

Naturally, should you have any questions about KiwiSaver please let us know on

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