Medical Information

If you have got your Visas and you are getting ready to go I suggest you do the following:

In theory once in NZ you can register with any GP you want. Note, you will have to PAY each time you visit (about $55 a go!!!).

When registering they may well ask you to have a medical examination which is usually free. They are basically assessing what you may cost them in medical care…nice eh!!

GPs do not appear to make house calls out of hours but there do tend to be out of hours clinics that you can access

In NZ there is a State Insurance scheme called ACC. This is funded from taxation and allows that if you attend a GP or Physiotherapist or Osteopath because you have an injury you simply fill in a claim form and ACC will pick up the tab….or the majority of it…… you may have to pay a small amount to cover the full costs.

In some cases, if you are unable to work due to injury sustained whilst working, ACC will pay your wages after an initial period.

Culture Shock

Sick pay, in very general terms is usually only for a period of 5 working days. If you are off for longer you then start eating into your holiday allowance or simply do not get paid unless ACC picks up the tab - most longer term illnesses seem to be as a result of an accident!

Hospitals are modern and have a pretty good reputation but like the UK waiting times for specialists and some operations can be long but it will depend where you are in the country. Naturally, the 3 large cities fare less well on the timescales than smaller communities.

NOTE: It is very common for new migrants to go through a period, within the first 6 months, of flu like symptoms. This tends to actually be due to the change in the vitamin and mineral make-up of the food here in NZ. NZ can be quiet deficient in minerals due to its volcanic nature. One key mineral which NZ is deficient in is Iodine which affects your thyroid function and leads to lethargy and tiredness. This tends to be added to standard table salt but if you are not happy with taking too much salt try taking a Kelp tablet day and night.

The solution to this situation is to take mineral supplements obtainable from any good Health Food Shop, such as Hardys. In our experience, with the supplements we were through the "detox" period within about 9 months.

Once in NZ, where sickness is concerned, you should consider taking 2 types of cover:

For more info on the cover outlined above and complete medical cover insurance, email Mike