Non-Pension Investments

If you have:
•    ISAs
•    PEPs
•    TESSAs
You can no longer fund these once you leave the UK. You can leave them invested in the UK for up to 4 years and suffer no tax consequences in NZ.

After that time you may become liable to NZ tax on any gains in value whether realised or not.

This position also applies to share holdings.

If you have Endowments - you need to consider the time left to run, the life cover amount, what it is being used for, how much it is costing you and where it is invested.
You CANNOT use a UK endowment to underpin a mortgage here in NZ!

If you have any Investment Bonds etc or any other investments then we need to consider any potential tax implications, whether you need to maintain funding and whether it would actually be better to have the funds here in NZ.

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