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Whilst BritsNZ Ltd have taken great care in choosing the providers who appear as our preferred suppliers [and in many case have actually used the services ourselves] we cannot accept any responsibility or be held liable for any problems that may arise with any particular provider.

We must stress that it is YOUR responsibility to assess each provider and make you own choice of whom and why you want to use that particular provider.

In some instances BritsNZ Ltd will receive either a payment or a 'benefit in kind' from a provider with whom you place business.  BritsNZ Ltd has taken a good deal of time and care to ensure that this 'payment' does not impact on the price you pay that provider.

IMPORTANT - Please ensure that you ALWAYS quote BRITSNZ Ltd when corresponding with any of the LINKS listed on the right



Banking - NZ:

Banking in NZ is NOT free – yes culture shock time, you will be charged for drawing money out and paying it in…… be ready!!!!!!!!!!




Please always quote BritsNZ Ltd when reserving to ensure you benefit from all available promotional rates.

 Ace Car Rental New Zealand

Vehicles from NZ$15 per day
Click Here



Currency Exchange Broker: Highly Recommended

Emigrating -Foreign Exchange and Currency Rates

HALO FINANCIAL LIMITEDEmigrating - Foreign Exchange and Currency Rates

Halo Financial is a leading specialist provider of commercial foreign exchange services.

Their dedicated migration team help people who are migrating to and from New Zealand achieve the best available exchange rates, manage their currency risks and ensure they can take as much of their hard earned money with them.

They're a friendly and patient bunch; perfectly suited for clients who are worried about, and have little experience of, foreign exchange. So whether you need to make an immediate currency transaction, fix an exchange rate for up to 2 years forward or make regular currency transfers to or from the United Kingdom - such as pension, mortgage, salary or rental income - Halo Financial can help.

They deliver:

Market leading exchange rates (up to 4% better than the banks)
0% commission charges
Protection against exchange rate volatility (fixed up to 2 years forward)
A prompt, proactive service at all times delivered by your personal currency dealer
The information you need, when you need it
Extended opening hours of 8.30am - 8pm Mon - Thurs, Fri 08.30am - 5.30pm
Transparency and accountability
Security and satisfaction

They will:

Save you money
Simplify the buying/selling of foreign currency
Swiftly transfer your international payments

Halo can be contacted by e-mail on or free phone number 0845 4507 407

In simple terms here are the main ways in which currency can be traded:

Spot rate - buy now; pay now
Forward Contract - buy now; pay a 10% deposit with the balancing 90% payable at an agreed future date [up to 2 years hence!]

Market Order - effectively putting a marker on the system to buy £X if the rate reaches a certain point.


We are very pleased to announce that we have now created a further opportunity with Sat Worldwide thus giving you a wider choice.

SAT Worldwide has grown quickly since their inception in 2006, assisting many migrants transfer their funds to New Zealand. The growth is based upon an unerring commitment to client service; every customer has the direct dial number of their account manager who will provide a tailored service to meet each customer’s requirements.

As a preferred supplier, you will receive a preferential rate of exchange and there are no costs, no charges and no commission, saving you more money during your move.

In brief, SAT Worldwide offer’s…






There is no cost to opening an account and no obligation to trade with SAT Worldwide but all clients are required to register with us. The simplest way to register is to complete our online registration form by clicking here.


Overall SAT Worldwide’s goal is to enable you to start your new life in New Zealand with as many NZ Dollars as possible by providing you with a service that is proactive, personal and simple.



Bio Security


Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Quarantine Service (MAF)

New Zealand Immigration Service

New Zealand Qualifications Authority 



Financial Services

General Insurance

General Insurance - Car, Contents & House etc -

The key players are:
* The AA
* Tower
* State
* Stylecover 



Air New Zealand Online Hotel Reservations

Inland Revenue New Zealand


Travel Insurance


New Zealand Lawyer: New Listing - Recommended

Should you have a need to consult an NZ Lawyer either whilst in the UK (setting up a company, buying a business or property before your move) or when in NZ then we would recommend Garry Anderson, a Partner at Auld Brewer Mazengarb & McEwen which has offices in Wellington and New Plymouth.

We have used Garry's services and can HIGHLY recommend him safe in the knowledge that if necessary he will refer you on or tell you that you do/do not need to do something.

To contact Garry please click here........and remember to mention BritsNZ Ltd in your correspondence. 


Pet Transportation: Highly Recommended



Why leave your beloved pooches behind when you start a new life. In most cases you will be able to have your pets transported to NZ safely, securely and with great care so that they can join you in this new life.

We are very happy to point you at Jets4Pets - this is what they have to say:

"Jets4Pets are delighted to be associated with BritsNZ Ltd, as we are always keen to work with like minded people. We have no doubt that Mike and Alex will be able to assist you with all your practical, official and financial needs.

However, if you're going to be taking your pets out to New Zealand with you, then Jets4Pets are here to help!

Our service is simple and straightforward, but perhaps more importantly, provided by a team of fellow pet owners who understand how important your family members are. In fact we insist on call all our clients VIPs - Very Important Pets!

Just a few of the services we offer are:

  1. Nationwide coverage at all major UK airports
  2. Organisation of all Pet Travel Documentation
  3. Supply of IATA approved travel containers
  4. Door to Door delivery service
  5. Boarding facilities available worldwide
  6. Co-ordination of all travel plans on your behalf

So whether you are in New Zealand or will be going out there soon, we would love to help you and wish you a wonderful life in a fabulous country."

You can access Jets4Pets website here or by phone on 0845 408 0298 or email here. Just make sure to always quote BritsNZ Ltd when getting in touch! 

We are very pleased to announce that we have now created a further opportunity with JCS PET TRAVEL thus giving you a wider choice.

As specialists in worldwide pet travel with over 20 years of experience JCS Pet Travel can help with all the aspects of moving your pets to New Zealand. Our services include flights, pet travel containers, health paperwork, boarding, collection and delivery at destination- we can help with as much or as little of the journey as you require, and will be available at every stage of the process. We understand that your furry friends are part of your family and should be treated as such- we aim to make the trip as stress-free for both you and your pet. We work with a network of agents throughout the world and pride ourselves in providing a professional service.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for a quote- 01753 682244 or .Our website has plenty of information on it, so please feel free to browse

We are very happy to be working with Brits NZ Ltd, so please remember to mention Brits NZ Ltd when you call us.

Bringing Pets Into New Zealand FAQS

Removals Company - Highly Recommended - Personally Used

We opted to bring all our personal possessions to New Zealand - in our opinion (particularly if you have kids) having familiar things around you within a very short period of time is very worth while and will help you all to settle in.

We used a company called PSS. They ONLY do off-shore removals so all their staff have been fully trained in how to pack your belongings and then how to get it into a container so that it doesn't move around as it crosses the high seas.

PSS use top quality packaging material and will give you full details of what you cannot take into NZ and what needs to be fully cleaned and even re-painted and will advise you as to what to expect once here in NZ with regard to your container and what MAF (ministry of agriculture) and Customs will require.

You can link to PSS HERE or free phone 0800 614508 or email here.


Highly Recommended

Anglo Pacific is the UK’s largest international removals & shipping company and handles around 20,000 individual baggage shipments and overseas removals annually. We’ve been established for over 35 years and have an unrivalled reputation for friendly, professional and efficient relocation.

Anglo Pacific’s services include: $heading1

Click here for a quote or email at  


At Britannia we recognise that relocating to New Zealand is a life changing event for you and your family. For this very reason we have partnered with BritsNZ to bring you the complete moving service at a competitive price. Britannia Movers will ensure that your move will be as smooth and successful as possible. As the biggest independent removal company in the UK, and with a passion for quality service, Britannia has the resources and the professionalism to tailor ourexpertise to your individual needs.

With over 30 years experience of moving customer to and from New Zealand, Britannia has the pedigree to look perform your move to the highest standard. Britannia partners with the best moving networks in New Zealand to ensure your door to door deliveries are carried out efficiently. You also have the peace of mind that Britannia Movers is part of the British Association of Removers (BAR), holds several quality accreditations such as BS EN 12522 and finally holds international memberships for IAM, FIDI and FAIM ISO.

As the UK’s largest independent moving group. Britannia has helped tens of thousands of families and individuals move home for over 30 years. Because we appreciate that every single home is different, Britannia will take care to establish your exact removal needs and to provide a service that is personal to you in every detail.

With more than 40 branch offices throughout the UK alone, we can guarantee a local moving service wherever you are. We can even provide storage for you at your intended destination while you look for a new property. Our longstanding knowledge of moving to New Zealand also allows us to provide additional information and advice to ensure you are carefully prepared for your new life and what it holds in store.
If you would like to find out further information about Britannia’s services or alternatively if you would like to request for a free home survey of your personal belongings then please email or call +44 (0)208 256 1730.