September 2017

"Whether emigrating to New Zealand is just an idea or you've already made up your mind, my one piece of advice is to make immediate contact and discuss your plans with Alex at BritsNZ (alex@britsnz.co.nz). 

Emigrating is a hugely stressful and complex task. To do so independently and without expert (and licensed) support is close to insane. Immigration rules frequently change, the information and documentation required is very specific. We could not have emigrated without Alex's expert help, she explained everything simply, straightforward & in simple terms, the time, effort, money & stress saved by working with BritsNZ is immeasurable. 

 I thoroughly recommend BritsNZ to anyone thinking of emigrating to New Zealand"

 Many thanks 

Ian S - Parakai,Auckland, NZ

May 2017

After making the decision to apply for a visa to New Zealand,the next thing to do was choose from the many Immigration companies,and after careful deliberation the choice was made..BritsNZ..and boy what a choice it was..

From the very first phone call,both Alex and Mike were courteous,funny,helpful and most importantly professional.

After advising me what was required,getting me the correct forms to fill in,sign,telling me what,why,when and where,the forms were submitted..and lo and behold after a short wait,the call came from Alex.."Visa granted".

My partner and I ,cannot thank them enough for all the effort they put in to help me get my visa.

If YOU are thinking of applying to come here,you would not go wrong in getting BritsNZ to help guide you through the process..

Ian J. KeriKeri, NZ


March 2017

Residency under Partnership Granted


That is such amazing news! I can hardly believe it. I understand the instructions and will follow them to the letter! 

Alex, you and Mike have been so helpful and supportive to Kereyn and I throughout the process, which has made it very straightforward if not a little time consuming!

It has been an eye opening experience and made my Kiwi friends aware of an immigration system they had never really considered - most of them surprised at the detail required but also very comforted! 

I have to say it has been intrusive from a personal perspective but the reflection required and need to articulate what our relationship means has been a happy positive experience 😀
Thanks again.

Pauline, Auckland,NZ


March 2017

Dear Alex and Mike

I would like to say a very big thank you for all helping me get the visas I needed to stay in NZ. 

Your support and professionalism gave me a lot of confidence.

Right from the outset I was really impressed how professional the preparation and signing of the contract was done.

You also made me feel that I dealt with people focused on the result and you constantly proved your professionalism during this long 2-year journey.

All advice I had was very helpful and gave me hope and energy not to give up. Even when I was frustrated and queried what was happening with different aspects you were able to keep calm and just do your job.

I must also say that I have found that your fee was more than reasonable.

I would like to recommend you to anyone who’s looking for professional immigration advice and support.

 Kind regards,

Kirill Efremov, Leigh, Auckland, NZ


September 2015

Hi Mike,

Thanks for all your help with the transfer. It made a very fiddly process much easier!

Kind regards


May 2015

Hi Mike, Thank you for all your help on this pension business, lets hope it all goes through smoothly and I haven't left anything too late. I think the service you provide is great and I will recommend you to everybody I know.

Many thanks again.

Amanda Fairbairn, Porirua, NZ

March 2015

"When we first decided to take the plunge and move to New Zealand our head was full of questions with not many answers. We then contacted Mike and Alex and suddenly the parts of the jigsaw started to fit together. We answered a fairly short and concise questionnaire which enabled them to have our background and from then on it became clear what we needed to do and how to go about it. We are still in touch with each other and always feel that they are there to help us take that next step".
Tony and Maureen Farmer

April 2014

Hi Alex/Mike
“THANK YOU” alone cannot describe the help and the support which you gave me with my migration to New Zealand. I should admit that today I am in New Zealand, almost solely because of your efforts. I would like to extend my gratitude to you by this small thank you note. I really appreciate your help. You have been more than just a consultant to me allowing me to access your services at any time, even outside of normal office hours and your introduction too many other successful migrants was invaluable and shows your accommodating nature and giving “Outstanding client services”…Once again a big THANKS… and… Hats off to you and your invaluable services!!!
Mark Sutherland, Quantity Surveyor, Christchurch, NZ

April 2014

I would like to thank Mike and the Cole family for helping to get me to New Zealand.

I met Mike at a Down Under Live show in 2012.  The show wasn't the greatest but it did have one shining light which came from it – Mike! Everyone seemed to tell me what I wanted to hear whereas Mike spoke with 100% honesty about it not being the easy ride everyone else said it was going to be.

He contacted me when he said he would unlike a lot of others, remembered me and our chat and that personal touch is true customer service. I now live in Christchurch thanks to his help and his great book. If the Coles cannot help you make the move then no-one can!

Thanks Mike and family!

Regards Mark Docherty, Sandra McDonald and Samantha Docherty. Christchurch,NZ

March 2014

I would highly recommend BritsNZ to anyone considering emigrating to NZ. Their advice and support has been, and still is, invaluable. We met Mike at a seminar in Glasgow and when we spoke to him he absolutely convinced us and reassured us that our dream of emigrating to NZ could become a reality.

Not long after this we signed on with BritsNZ and it was the best thing we could have done. They helped with almost everything required to make our move possible from recommending removal companies to opening a bank account to kiwifying our CV's and introducing job contacts. There was many times when we doubted the move would be possible but with Mike's constant reassurance and positive attitude it was always a case of when and not if our move would happen.

We arrived in Christchurch in October and have met with Mike, Alex and their family since and once again their advice and support was forthcoming. Our family are loving NZ. It has far exceeded our very high expectations. It is a beautiful country offering plenty of opportunity and any family would be lucky to make the move down here. And with Mike and Alex on your side you won't go wrong!!

Karen, James and Arielle Sofia (Christchurch, NZ)

February 2014

BritsNZ were very helpful on my journey to the land down under. They re-assured me and gave me the confidence I needed that everything would be ok and run smoothly. Their help and contacts were superb. They were always communicating and keeping up to date with me. I would highly recommend them. Alex and Mike are a great team.

Sam Katuszka

September 2013

Even though we had dreamt of moving to New Zealand for many years, the thought of what to actually do to get there was daunting. There seemed to be so many options, questions and decisions, and trying to do it on our own seemed impossible and terrifying.

We discovered Brits NZ at an event in Birmingham and have never looked back. Mike and Alex have helped us through every step of the process thanks to their own personal experiences and their great connections in New Zealand. From day one they were helpful, quick to respond and creative with their ideas and advice. Their good humour and upbeat attitude made the whole experience much easier and relieved a lot of the stress. Having someone to guide us or just tell us we were doing the right thing was invaluable.

And when we got to New Zealand they continued to support us with excellent recommendations about finances, logistics and coping with the emotional upheaval of starting a new life. Mike visited us in Auckland and we were able to pick their brains when we were in New Plymouth. And they were always available by Skype, email and phone.

The service we received from Brits NZ was outstanding and we would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone considering moving to New Zealand. We looked at other agencies but they just didn’t compare with the personal service offered by Brits NZ. We went looking for advice and support, and as well as that we also made two great friends. Thank you Mike and Alex.

Dan and Naell Crosby-Roe ( Mosgiel,NZ)

We first met Mike in September 2012 at the Down Under New Zealand Expo, and after 6 years of trying to move to NZ from the UK after a brief chat we actually walked away feeling positive and with more hope that we would finally move, which we did in june 2013.

BritsNZ  have been with us throughout our journey to get to NZ and not only did they provide the help and advice with the neccesities such as getting jobs etc, they have been a huge support when things don’t go so well and you start feeling that your dream is never going to become reality, which can happen a lot in such a big life changing experience.

I have already recommended BritsNZ to some of my fellow UK buddies who have asked me advice on making the move to NZ and will continue to recommend their services.
So one last thing to say would be THANK YOU MIKE AND ALEX at BritsNZ for all your help and advice and putting up with my frequent mental breakdowns.

Ebony, Phil and the kids (Rotorua, NZ)

August 2013

When Ian returned from London in February 2011, after meeting Mike Cole from BritsNZ, he was buzzing.  The seminar in the Westpac building in central London was delivered with clarity, knowledge and compassion for those who thought they might achieve a new life down under.  Having been through the process the advice was accurate, timely, positive and reassuring, all the elements you need when embarking on such a  major life change event.

Over the next year, Mike and Alex made regular contact to see how things were progressing, giving more advice when needed or just chatting through a dilemma that seemed unsurmountable at the time.  The advice on our financial migration could not have been better, but beyond their professional advice was their knowledge of the potential pitfalls on the whole migration process which we could easily have fallen foul of.  It's not just the advice or parts of the service you pay for when you employ Mike and Alex.  I doubt many other companies help to set up PO Boxes for redirected mail, send links for potential rental properties, put you in touch with hotels and car hire firms for your first few days in NZ or arrive at the airport in the pouring rain to deliver you and your four children to said hotel (granted that bit was easier as we chose their hometown!)

We cannot thank Mike and Alex enough for all they have done to help us get here and to settle, their advice is still available and their friendship will last beyond their professional obligations!
Ian and Donna Taylor (New Plymouth, NZ)

July 2013

Hi Alex,

Just wanted to thank you and Mike for all your help in our move to NZ. Having everything down on a list in black and white has taken an enormous amount of pressure and stress off our shoulders, allowing us to get on and live our new lives without worrying that we might miss something important.  We are especially grateful for the contacts you forwarded - it was wonderful to meet up and chat with like-minded people, who understood everything that we were going through. 

Michelle Read (Christchurch, NZ).

January 2012

Jill Farr has endorsed your work as Owner at BritsNZ Ltd.

Dear Mike,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "I spent 4 years trying to sort out transferrring my UK pension on my own (my circumstances were quite complex) and then hired Mike. He was excellent and was able to sort everything out for me - it took 2 years but was well worth it as I got quite a bit more money than I thought I would. Mike provided excellent communication and kept me informed through-out the process."

Service Category: General Contractor
Year first hired: 2006
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

April 2011

Thanks for your kind words, if it wasn't for you and Alex we wouldn't be here and we wouldn't be as happy as we are and would be back in Scotland struggling!!  You got us over the line and we will be eternally grateful!

We were walking round the Warehouse at 8.30 tonight and Tanya remarked - "we won't need our winter clothes then will we?".  James has his 2nd match tomorrow - kick off at 08.25 (I'm the coach and Scottish manager's are the best)!!  Sweet as!!

Stuart and Tanya McDonald (Whangerei, NZ).

March 2010

Even though we'd already signed up with Mike and Alex at BritsNZ to help with our migration to New Zealand, we'd never actually visited NZ before, so we planned a 3 week tour of the North Island in Feb/Mar 2010.

Whilst we were aware of the post-migration support network that BritsNZ offered through their packages, we thought it would be useful for us to try and meet up with some couples/families on our way 'round to hear about their experiences, the highs and lows of moving abroad, and any advice that they could offer. We needed to find out just why NZ is the place to be.

It really was the best thing that we ever did. Whilst we'd researched a fair bit, had listened to advice, and talked a lot between ourselves, there's nothing like personal experience to set you straight.

Mike & Alex opened up a network of their friends and clients for us to contact. From the first moment that we started making contact via e-mail, I was stunned by the immediate, and 100% positive response that we had to our requests for help.

All offered to meet and /or host, and we even stayed overnight once, with other offers of accommodation, car hire, and CV/job help! Everyone had different things to say, from day-to-day things about supermarkets, schools, taxation, houses and mortgages through to healthcare and jobs.

Some moves had been relatively straight forward; others had suffered real heartache within the family. For us, it really put things into perspective. There were certainly no big, bad surprises (which was good), just a whole load of good advice, and a few things to consider. I also genuinely feel that, in addition to Mike & Alex, we've made our first new friends within New Zealand.

We already need to repay a few BBQ's and take-aways and cannot wait to be in country to do so!

Paul & Sarah Heather, Ramsgate, Kent.



Just wanted to let you know that we thought yesterday’s seminar was fab.
We have been to a few seminars in the past but this one was different. It seemed a lot more personal than the ones we have been to previously even though the same companies were there. We could have listened to Mike all day with his excellent advice and experiences. We have gained a lot more insight into New Zealand as he talked about different areas and showed us pictures. Even though we have done loads of research in books and online this cleared up questions in our mind and also gave us new ideas.

To be completely honest when we saw the agenda after the break we debated going home as we felt we had heard the moving and finance stuff so many times before. We are so glad that we didn't.
We listened to the representative from PSS who explained everything so much better than we had heard before. We even left her our number to arrange a visit to do some quotes, as we weren't aware that we could get these in advance and still change our minds about what we are taking.
We also know understand a little more about transferring money enough to open a bank account yesterday. We feel like in one day everything is falling into place just got one of our biggest hurdles to jump and that is selling our house.

Thank you so much again
Janine Houghton

I wanted to write to you to let you know how much we enjoyed the seminar, having attended quite a few now, it was a refreshing change to meet people who actually understood the personal issues of trying to migrate to NZ.  I myself particularly warmed to Mike’s emotion and passion for the life you have achieved and the country you live in, but particularly the long process of trying to achieve your dream.  We have been working at achieving this very same dream for over 18 months now.
I can’t help but think that such a sensitive  and emotional (but, I suspect, very strong) man must have a rock of a woman supporting him and so I feel we may have something in common……,I hope I am a source of support to Paul as he fights this battle to get us what we want.  People who have never travelled this gut wrenching road have no idea of the absolute control it has on your lives.

Our dream is to live and work in New Zealand, but I have set my heart on Taranaki.  My only concern was that it looks isolated from the rest of NZ and this was a question I asked Mike at the seminar. His answer gave me peace of mind and only confirmed this is where I want to be.
Finally your husband gave me inspiration and the boost to carry on with this dream, as he said ‘it does not come from the head but from the heart’ and for this I will remember him.

Julie Jackson


November 2009

BritsNZ provide invaluable expertise which made my move to NZ considerably smoother and more cost effective.  Not only are they very knowledgeable, but also very friendly and approachable and, all in all, a pleasure to deal with. A great find, and highly recommended.

Charlotte Markham - Auckland


September 2009

Where do I start.....

We visited Mike and Alex during a holiday to New Zealland in 2007. They welcomed us into their home and 'sold' New Zealand to us whilst we sat in their garden in the sunshine. We were convinced after that visit that emigrating was the best thing for our family, and with Mike and Alex's help set the 'wheels in motion' on our return to the UK. They held our hands throughout the whole process....answered question after question, and email after email. The fact they had 'been there and done it' was a huge benefit to us, and their support was un-stinting and extremely valuable.

Donna and Steve Johnson - New Plymouth

BritsNZ have been invaluable to us with our move to New Zealand, helping with everything from setting up a bank account to putting us in contact with people once we had arrived.
We have not had to worry about a thing, as they helped make our transition from the UK run as smoothly as possible and answered all our questions, no matter how mad, bad or sad, in a prompt and helpful manner.
Karen & Daran Stokes – Orpington to Cambridge New Zealand

Having met Mike at an Emigrate show and being told to get married – which we did! – we then contacted him once we were in NZ and running into a few problems with Visas and jobs etc.
Mike reassured us that things could be sorted and indeed they were and whilst we were looking initially to be in Wanaka we are now near to Christchurch and loving it!
Mike has helped us with financial matters, arranging access to a Visa specialist and probably most importantly has given us access to others who have migrated and live in and around Christchurch. This has proved invaluable and a huge relief to have people to hand with similar experiences who can help! 
Mike has always been at the end of the phone and indeed has been down to see us in our breezy rental property and we know that if we get stuck or need an ear to bend he and Alex are always to hand!
We are very happy to recommend you use BritsNZ if you are looking to move to NZ although I am not sure that he still retains the marriage guidance aspect of the business – LOL!
Julie Baker & Mike Reilly, UK to Wanaka and now Christchurch!


August 2009

We used Brits NZ for all our financial issues relating to our move from the UK to New Zealand.
We were given sound advice from Mike Cole about selling our house, opening bank accounts in NZ, transferring cash, moving  our personal pensions over without financial penalties to opening new pension schemes in NZ.
We were walked through the paperwork side of things step by step.
We found Mike and Alex very helpful and contactable at all times and would recommend their services to anyone.
The Ruddick Family, from Middlesbrough UK to Nelson, New Zealand.

BritsNZ have been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful throughout every step of our move to NZ. Also, they gave us great advice concerning other companies, such as transport companies and immigration advisors. All of them proved extremely reliable and trustworthy.
However, and perhaps most crucially, BritsNZ always know about the next, most-important, necessary step along the immigration route. Our own piece of advice, joining up with BritsNZ is a step you won’t regret.
Sven Schroeder & Jenny Walker – NZ bound with PR!

John Lincoln a testimonial with a difference please click HERE

Signing up with Britsnz at the Emigrate Expo provided us with reassurance.  Mike and Alex have been there, done that, so they really do know what they are talking about. 
For us their support and guidance did not stop once we had left the departure lounge at Heathrow - it is continuous for which we are extremely grateful.
Sarah Thomas & Kevin Palmer

With help & support from Mike & Alex at BritsNZ our transition from life in the UK to establishing our new lives in New Zealand went very smoothly.
It is also very reassuring to know there is support on hand when you are in a foreign place, by people who have them selves made the same journey.
Peter & Shelia Burton, New Plymouth (and loving it!)

It doesn’t matter how much personal research you do, your always have unanswered questions and an abundance of questions you hadn’t even thought to ask.  BritsNZ have the answers, be it advice on the all important financial aspect of emigrating, how to open a bank account, when and how to move money and pensions or schools, housing and employment, they have the answers and the contacts.
Mike and Alex provided us with the information, explained our options, and took the time to go over it again and again until we got it and could make an informed decision. 
When the going got tough they reminded us why we started the process and kept us focused. 
So thank you Mike and Alex for the guidance and hand holding, we hope to be with you very soon.
Michelle, Eric and Jack Dean (Norfolk to Wellington)

We are Tim and Gail Breakwell. We moved to New Zealand in 2006 with our two boys aged 12 and 17 and one on the way!
We met Brits NZ at a New Zealand expo in Manchester.
From the start it was clear that they were a no-nonsense, straight talking company, delivering plain facts in a way that is easy to understand.
We felt confident to use their services from the very start and nearly three years later they are still there ready and willing to help.
We now consider them firm friends. We’ve eaten their food and drank their wine and racked their brains many a time. They’ve never failed us, even when we’ve asked some very unusual and what sometimes seemed like silly questions. They told us that there is never a silly question (very comforting when moving to the other side of the world!)
Brits NZ are solid and dependable. They understand and have empathy for the whole emigration process. 
We are happy and extremely confident to recommend BritsNZ’s services to anyone moving to New Zealand.
Tim & Gail Breakwell, New Plymouth

I wanted to thankyou both so much for making us so welcome when we visited recently.  I can't tell you what a difference that made to how we felt.  You were both so enthusiastic that it was infectious but most of all you were so helpful and willing to answer any stupid question!!  We were really grateful for the time you spent with us and for setting up the meetings with the school and hospital.
Patricia Smaldon

We moved to New Zealand two years ago and although we had met Mike at an exhibition in Edinburgh and found the information given to us interesting we did not need to use it for our move, what we did find useful and did take on board was the transfer of our private pension from the UK and a little later after we moved, on recommendation, the insurance policy which covered us if we needed to travel back to the UK in an emergency.
Mike and Alex are professional, friendly and always available.
Lynette & Dave Hardy, Paraparaumu, Wellington

Having met Mike at an emigration show in London March 07 we were immediately struck by his passion and enthusiasm for NZ combined with his approachability as a person. 
He was able to quickly ascertain our eligibility into NZ and put us in contact with suitable recruitment companies and a visa specialist.  We were fortunate enough to make a tour of the North Island and obtain employment easily, putting the wheels is motion to emigrate on our return to the UK. 
Throughout the whole process from initially meeting Mike to the present day Mike has been our 'backbone' throughout our journey.  He has been able to answer all our questions allowing us to make informed decisions.  His expertise and knowledge has proved invaluable allowing our journey to run smoothly and quickly.
Even after our arrival into NZ his support has continued, assisting us as and when needed and providing that comfort zone when we have been so far from friends and family.
We would recommend the services of BritsNZ to anyone wishing to travel this path and wishing it to be a smooth ride!"
Sarah & Geoff Collard, Taupo

The only thing BritsNZ didn't do for us, was to pack our suitcases! Mike was always at hand (or Skype) to talk to us about anything that was on our minds, be it financial, logistical, employment, family or even the inane questions such as "should we bring our washing machine or buy a new one when we get there".
Always supportive - both before and after we moved to the other side of the world.
We'll always be indebted for your help in starting our new lives in New Zealand - although we still haven't gotten as far as exploring New Plymouth!
Kevin, Karren, Ben, Tom (and now our new little kiwi - Rosie) Akers – North Shore, Auckland

Mike and Alex were inspirational in making us continue to try to overcome the intricacies of the NZ Immigration system!
They gave us heaps of useful information, as well as helping us establish a social network out here for when we arrived, which was a tremendous help.
They have a lot of knowledge of the systems here, which is invaluable for anyone hoping to emigrate. From little details such as computers and TVs, to huge things, such as currency conversion and Banking systems.
I thank them both for all their continuing help and support.
Lesley Hooson - Very happy, single mum of 3, Wellington

We moved to NZ in 2005 and as soon as we arrived I started the process to move my UK pension fund to NZ using my NZ bank.  Due to new UK rules at the time, we had to wait for the NZ bank to become recognised and filled out many forms.  After two years continually chasing the process I found out that my NZ bank would not allow the transfer due to some of their own rules.   I wrote to Mike Cole (after seeing them at an emigration show years before in the UK) and within a few months Mike had found a recognised pension fund and the money had been transferred into it.  Mike explains all the options before you start the process and it was easy.   We're now just looking at some transfer options with my husband and haven't hesitated to contact Mike once again." 
Virginia Lang, Auckland.

September 2008
Hello Mike,
I live in Whangarei and have recently taken out one of your Kinsure/Repatriation policies.
I am just writing to tell you that I was very pleased to hear of this type of cover and the fact that it puts my mind at rest in case of any emergency in the UK which would see us needing to get home in a hurry.
In fact I am so impressed I have photo copied the policy and your website and with working in the hospital here in Whangarei with many nationalities I have passed on your details and those of the cover to many of the people I work with.
Many have been very interested and if not already done so, intend to take out the policy.
I just wish I had known about the policy last year before my father-in-law died! However I’m covered now and can sleep with the comfort of knowing things will be sorted if we needed to go back to the UK in a hurry.
Once again thank you!
Yours sincerely
Sharon Stiff

September 2008
“Transfer values are calculated by our actuary each month………….new UK rules concerning transfer value calculations are being implemented……………

May I add that you are the very first overseas financial adviser I have come across who is aware of the UK rules on transfers to overseas schemes, and the information that is required.  It is most refreshing!”
Pensions Manager
Royal Doulton Staff Pension Scheme

September 2008

Just a short note to pass on our sincere thanks to you and Mike for all your sound advice. Your financial advisor capacity is well documented however life coach and New Zealand mentor is a very valued commodity and we cannot thank you enough in helping making our dream a reality.

Huge thanks once again and will look forward to our next meeting or SKYPE call.
Adie Jayne & Benn Williams (kiwi's in training)

July 2008

I forgot to mention on the phone that the only people that we know in NZ are moving back to the UK after three years. They have however, struggled with the basics right from the word go, e.g. bank account, getting paperwork for visas etc etc. Working with BritsNZ has just made ours such a different experience to the one that they described to us
Nigel & Gill, Sheffield [leaving the UK September 2008]

May 2008

Mike and Alex, we want to thank you so much for all the help and advice given to us by both of you, and make a promise that at our soonest possible opportunity we will be back in touch with you to commit to our emigration. When we find people who "do exactly what it says on the tin" we stick with them - good service and honest people are almost impossible to find, so hang on to them when you find them!
Thank you again for everything you have done, and for the promise of a better life which you have shown us!
With best regards and heartfelt thanks!
David and Caroline Taylor

November 2007

Living in New Zealand is everything we hoped for and a whole lot more besides. The emigration process, however, shouldn’t be underestimated. It can be lengthy, frustrating, stressful and expensive. If you want to make the process as stress free as possible then Brits NZ should be your first port of call.

We first encountered Brits NZ at an Emigrate Show back in the UK. Mike Cole was speaking at one of the seminars and his enthusiasm for New Zealand was infectious (at this point we were all set to move to Canada!). Contacting Mike and Alex after the show was absolutely the best thing we could have done. Their advice and support throughout the whole emigration process, and beyond, was invaluable. Nothing was ever too much trouble and their knowledge and resources meant they were able to help in many more ways than we had expected. We can’t recommend Brits NZ highly enough!
Clare & Andrew Ward, Auckland

August 2007

Hi Mike/Alex and team,
Thanks so much for the link - fantastic article!
You are all fabulous ambassadors for Taranaki!
Keep the passion!
Kind regards,

(Want to check out the article?  See our Articles button - Australian/New Zealand Mag)

March 2007

Mike and Alex Cole have become firm friends since we met them through their company, BritsNZ. Originally it was good to meet up with other Brits who had made the emigration journey and Mike and Alex had a similar story to ours, lots of waiting for officialdom. Since that first meeting some 3 years ago, Mike has provided us with first class financial guidance. He has guided both our pension and investment portfolio and we are delighted with all aspects of his professionalism, advice and support. Mike and Alex are truly decent, in the old-fashioned sense and have done more to help us settle in NZ than anyone else we know. We are truly delighted to have met them.
Stephen and Linda Cox
Oakura, New Plymouth

Out of curiosity I asked Mike Cole of BritsNZ to take a look at the pension funds we had with an old employer together with our contracted out SERPS funds.  We have both been gob-smacked at the amounts of Capital we can get out of these funds.
So if you do have any UK pensions or have contracted out of SERPS it might well be worth investigating - So far Mike has been excellent and he seems to have a very firm understanding of the Rules!
James, Tauranga

Mike is looking into transferring my pensions over here - I have three, all low[ish] value, from various work schemes.
He certainly seems to know his stuff.
Rob, Wellington

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 1:19 am    Post subject: Pensions

If you have any queries or are unsure on anything regarding pension transfers, I'm another one who would thoroughly recommend Mike from Britsnz. Even if you don't go ahead and transfer I'm sure he will explain the ins and outs so to speak.

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 1:30 am    Post subject:

Thanks Carol.
You are right. I am very unsure or wary of this move. I've found the site so I will contact Mike of BritsNZ.
Marie, Wellington

Mike Cole has just emailed me from Singapore; he has offered to send me an email covering the "Traps", issues, concerns and rules.  This is great service by any standards.
James, Tauranga