VisaThe New Zealand Government decided some time ago that it wished to regulate the way in which immigration advice is given.  As such it is a legal requirement for people giving advice to be licensed through the Immigration Advisers Authority [IAA].

If seeking advice with regard to emigrating to New Zealand you should check that the person you seek advice from is licensed with the IAA. Guide to Licensed Immigration Advisers

We are delighted to confirm that Alexandra Cole of Immigration @ BritsNZ (which is part of BritsNZ Ltd) is fully licensed (license number: 201300687) to give advice across the whole range of visas available for entry into NZ as well as being able to give guidance and advice to anyone facing visa issues and who may be “illegally” in New Zealand. 

Immigration @ BritsNZ offer the following:

Key to all this is that you are NOT a number – your move is unique to you and we will never forget that fact!

Complete the "Visa Assessment Form" as fully as possible and be sure to attach your CV[s]. If you need an NZ style CV template kindly request one by e-mailing .

Once completed the assessment form will automatically be sent to Immigration @ BritsNZ  for Alexandra to review and complete her report to you.

Your personal information will be protected by New Zealand Privacy Laws.