Wills & Family Trusts

You should ensure, particularly if you have children, that you have an up-to-date Will in place in the UK. You should consider creating an NZ Will once the main bulk of your cash/assets are here in NZ, you feel settled and you can decide whether you want your children brought up in NZ or the UK – if NZ then it may take some time to find people you would want to ask to be Guardians.

In NZ you can create a Family Trust. The purpose of such a Trust is to provide protection to the family over the longer term………… it is NOT, as is too often stated in the UK, a way to shield funds from tax but rather a way to shield your assets from predators.

Bear in mind too that you will be:

There are some financial benefits [in the form of how much you can get into the Trust] of opening such a Trust prior to leaving the UK.

Family Trusts are not for everyone [either because they do not have the asset base to warrant it or because they do not have children etc.] and they are a very specialised area. BritsNZ Ltd can give you access to a specialist company dealing with Family Trusts and if you think it might be something you want to look into you should do so sooner rather than later to give yourself time to understand how it works and make an informed decision.

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